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Choose RCST to enjoy manifold benefits and value-driven services.  We will support you to recognize, explore and develop the knowledge and skills needed to achieve scholarly and professional competency.  Access professional relationship to ensure a pleasant learning experience; and enjoy recognised Swiss Quality Curriculum, Affordable Programs and Flexible Learning Styles


Relevant Courses and Curriculum

RCST Study Curriculum and Learning Methodology are designed to provide students with the most current and relevant education. Our courses and degree programs are constantly being updated with enhanced curriculum relevant to the changing world, and to your own goals



Relevant Applied Degree

Committed to developing professional knowledge, skill, and expertise at the highest levels to be applied in practice after graduation. RCST emphasis on relevance and practicality extends through our academic and professional qualifications. Our BBA and MBA are applied degrees, by completing a capstone project in your particular area of interest and expertise, you will quickly establish yourself as a leader in that field of study,  therefore you earn a relevant and applied degree


Innovative Curriculum

RCST offers career-focused programs with innovative curriculum designed to broaden your knowledge and enhance your career. Students will access and enjoy continuously improved courses and syllabuses in line with ever changing business world


Flexible Learning

RCST provides alternatives to traditional higher education experience, which often requires taking several years away from your job. At RCST, residency is not a requirement; coursework can be completed at times that are convenient for you. Faculty and Administrators offer individualized instruction designed to provide each student with the guidance and support necessary for successful program completion.


Affordable Education
RCST is the best  - when comparing quality and cost. Our tuition fees are affordable that make achieving a quality higher education a reality for everyone.


Quality Academic Service
From your initial contact, our Faculty and Administrators are available to support your academic goal based on the core principle that  “through your success we succeed”.  We provides continuous support and information from application processing to graduation requirements.


Highly Qualified and Expienced Faculty-Mentors

RCST has pool of qualified, experienced and dedicated instructors and mentors that offer professional and academic support to students. Our Faculty-Mentors possess higher academic degrees with professional expertise - and are challenged to support your goal and make your learning a pleasant experience


Continuous Tutoring Service
RCST is committed to providing students with adequate learning resources and support needed to successfully complete their study. As part of this commitment, students can request and access private-tutoring in their study


No Entrance Exams
RCST does not require any entrance exam scores (e.g. ACT, SAT, GRE or GMAT) to be accepted for admission into our programs. 


Quality and Affordable Textbooks
Standard textbooks written by renowned scholars
are provided at affordable cost to compliment the learning materials to help student successfully completes the study


Open Enrolment
Begin study at anytime and when it best fits your schedule
; our distance learning program allows you to take your study with you. With Open Enrolment System, there are no predetermined semester dates to contend with.
There are no group projects; study anytime and anywhere that works best for you and submit the performance assignments by the due date.




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